Core values

Our Core Values


Our total project investment was 100 Billion Shillings

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. This is earned through our performance and by our example. It’s what our Customers expect from us and what our Associates expect from their leadership. The very heart of our business is the faith our clients have in us. We as a Company, and you and I as individuals, must never do anything to compromise that trust, that why in every project we handle we provide an over expectation for our clients

Our approach to the areas we work in

This is one of our major goals, to be the best and to continually improve. This is accomplished through focused teamwork, pride in our work, quality controlled systems – and by hiring and educating the best people we can possibly find our our region or even abroad
The end result of our efforts must be a satisfied Customer. Our reputation is the key to Kastur’s longevity in the construction industry and will remain the key to future successes in Uganda and the neighboring countries
Safety will always come first as we strive for accident-free projects since 1996 and we keep on improving on our safety measures per work on site and off site
We are accountable to our Customers, Company, Teammates, Subcontractors and Suppliers – and Accountability ultimately to God.