Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our safety and Management regards the Occupational Health & Safety of employees,contractors and other persons being affected by our operations to be of vital importance. Our primary objective is therefore to:

“Achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of Health and Safety control in all areas of the Company’s operations.”

To this end the Company will ensure that:

  1. Risks and hazards shall be minimized to prevent any impact on its employees, contractors and other parties
  2. Adequate precautions are taken to prevent ill health, injuries, incidents, damage to its employees, contractors and other parties;
  3. The provisions of applicable legislation, as well as the Health & Safety Management System, are complied with; and
  4. There is reasonable protection of persons against ill health.

Below is how do we achieve our goal of Occupational Health and Safety Objectives

  1. Train our employees in Occupational Health and Safety issues so as to:
  • ensure competence in the workplace;
  • be aware of the potential hazards implicit in their work activities; and
  • be aware of their scope of authority in terms of Occupational Health and Safety control.
  1. Manage Occupational Health & Safety to acceptable standards.
  2. Enforce Health & Safety measures with discipline in the workplace.
  3. Protect the public and persons other than Company employees from Health and Safety hazards associated with our work.

Our Responsibilities as Kastur Construction Limited

  1. Achievement of these objectives is, and will be, the responsibility of all management structures.
  2. Duties will further be assigned to Company personnel with the aim of managing Safety, Health and Environmental procedures.
  3. The commitment of Management and Employees to these objectives will ensure high standards of Occupational Health & Safety control